RAD Data Communications introduced the IPVgate-30, a VoIP gateway that serves as an IP-PBX for small and medium-sized businesses. It enables service providers to deliver VoIP telephony and SIP trunking services economically over ADSL2+, Ethernet or fiber broadband connectivity. 

Fully interoperable with standard SIP equipment, it allows providers and wholesellers to expand their portfolios by providing a complete communications solution that frees customers from having to install and maintain their own private PBXs. The device performs least-cost routing, an attractive feature for providing flexible service packages. In addition it features two built-in ports for direct connection of analog devices such as fax and POS (Point of Sale) terminal, and, as an option, integrated WiFi. 

”The IPVgate-30 allows the customer to either manage the device as a standalone PBX or contract with the service provider for management to be provided from a central location,” explained Ido Miran, VoIP Product Line Manager. “Unlike hosted IP-PBX or IP Centrex solutions which are fully dependent on connectivity to the provider’s central office, it enables voicemail and all internal voice services to continue to function normally in the event that connectivity with the provider is interrupted.” 

It features a web interface that covers extension management, IVR (auto-attendant) and incoming/outgoing call rules. A built-in ADSL monitoring system communicates line quality statistics to the IPVsuite-200 SIP softswitch and provisioning system, enabling providers to analyze the quality of the DSL lines they are leasing. 

It may be deployed either as an integral part of the RAD VoIP System (RVS), which features the IPVsuite-200 Class 5 softswitch and provisioning system, or in standalone mode opposite one or more SIP providers. 

More at rad.com.

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