VOSS 7.3 Is Launched to Enable Customers to Achieve a Return on their investment in Unified Communications

The Latest Service Delivery and Management Platform for Unified Communications and Collaboration

Wednesday November 17, 2010 – Richardson, TXVOSS Solutions, the leader in unified communications and collaboration (UCC) service delivery and management software, today announced the general availability of VOSS 7.3; an award-winning, highly scalable management platform that overarches complex UCC and IP telephony networks for managed service providers and large enterprises.

VOSS 7.3 continues to push the boundaries of UC fulfillment management technology, addressing the burgeoning market demand for a management tool that administers increasingly complex UCC environments.

VOSS 7.3 becomes market-ready at a time when service providers and large enterprises are seriously considering the potential return on investment (ROI) that a UCC management platform could provide. This month, Nemertes Research has issued a paper on this very subject, entitled “Management strategies crucial to VoIP / UC success”. The report documents savings for companies that use UC management tools, citing an example that “a 10,000-person implementation would spend $526 more per end unit per year to manage VoIP without [management] tools than it would spend with tools.”

“We have gathered data from several hundred organizations on operational costs and how they change when companies add management tools,” says Robin Gareiss, EVP at Nemertes Research and author of the paper. “Companies easily recoup the cost to acquire the tools through the operational cost savings resulting from consistent automation and management during their VOIP/UC lifecycle.”

Mike Frayne, CEO at VOSS Solutions added; “VOSS 7.3 not only simplifies the delivery and management of UCC services and applications, it enables service providers and large enterprises to make radical operational savings at the same time.”

VOSS 7.3 is a real time and fully automated service delivery and management platform, providing centralized control of multiple customers and of the full UCC environment. It is unique in its ability to address the challenges involved in managing the entire lifecycle of UC services and applications:  From day-0 initial design; through day-1 build and deployment; through day-2 support and administration; through day-3 upgrade and scaling. VOSS 7.3 specifically addresses:

Next generation, collaborative UC – Enabling global service providers to offer state of the art UCC solutions to their business customers in a range of hosted/managed delivery models. E.g. VOSS provides a management tool within Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS).

UC and mobility – Supporting the trend towards remote working and smart-phone usage, VOSS ensures the seamless and cost-effective delivery and management of UC mobility services, such as extension mobility, single number reach and soft phones.

Multi-vendor, interoperable UC – As service providers require best of breed solutions from multiple sources that interoperate seamlessly, VOSS 7.3 manages the major UC releases from Cisco and other UC players, such as Movius for voicemail and Astra for switchboard.

Web service API integration – VOSS 7.3 includes a range of web service APIs that support the integration of customers’ 3rd party applications and OSS/BSS, enabling the VOSS platform to integrate seamlessly into an organization’s wider OSS/BSS strategy. An example of this is VOSS integrating with the Cisco (MS)2 framework in the Cisco HCS solution.


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