Tim Tutus of PathSolutions spoke at ITEXPO on, “Dark Clouds : Can you trust the cloud? Latency, Security and Availability”.  Before that, we had a chance to chat with Tim.

PathSolutions’ Total Network Visibility solutions represent a new paradigm in network performance monitoring software by changing how network optimization is done. The company’s solutions are ready to go right out-of-the-box, acting as a network’s eyes and ears. The health and performance of every device and link in a network is continuously monitored and problems are quickly diagnosed, making network resources more productive and efficient. Working with companies like Tommy Bahama, Dow Chemical and Alcoa, PathSolutions is focused on ensuring that every network performs optimally, no matter the size or resources available. PathSolutions is a U.S.-based company headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Tim talks about how PathSolutions is helping customer use their infrastructure more efficiently in a time of major change.

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