RantNetwork announces the integration of Loquendo TTS in Communilator, a voice and photo translation application for SmartPhones

June 13, 2011

Turin, Italy, and Bloomsburg, USA – Loquendo, global speech technology provider, and RantNetwork, developers of translation applications for SmartPhones, announce the integration of Loquendo TTS in the Communilator, the world’s first translation application capable of reading and translating foreign text in over 55 languages. The text is captured with the mobile phone camera and then delivered as clear, fluent speech output in 32 languages by means of Loquendo TTS.  The Communilator provides language translation for over 3,500 language pairs and is seamlessly integrated with the user’s personal communication tools such as email and SMS. The “Communilator” will initially be launched on the iPhone and BlackBerry with Android and Windows Mobile to follow shortly thereafter. Free downloads of the Communilator will be available though links in RantNetwork’s Web site.

Loquendo TTS is fluent, natural-sounding synthetic speech available for any device, in all environments and in the following languages: US, UK, Indian & Australian English, American Spanish, Mexican, Chilean, Colombian and Argentinian Spanish, Castilian, Catalan, Valencian, Galician, Brazilian, Portuguese, Romanian, Arabic, Esperanto, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, French, Canadian French and Italian, in both male and female voices, with Japanese coming later in 2011.

“RantNetwork has combined its groundbreaking image capture and translation technologies with Loquendo’s multilingual Text to Speech, to develop a truly innovative app for both the BlackBerry and iPhone. The Communilator is an excellent tool for anyone who is traveling abroad, working in mixed-language environments or learning a language, as well as aiding communication between people who don’t speak the same language,” says Monica Bisacca, Loquendo Sales Manager for North America.

“After considerable research, we found Loquendo TTS voice synthesizers best able to meet the market requirements unequaled in the marketplace. Our users love the clear and precise language pronunciations and our developers appreciated the ease of use when implementing the program. Our use of Loquendo TTS has enabled the Communilator to become an essential tool for travel, international business, global social networking and for the legal, medical and academic professions. Importantly, it provides a key component of a Second Language Support program” says Kenneth Volet, CEO of RantNetwork.

For more info and a free download: www.communilator.com

For more info, and to hear Loquendo TTS for yourself, go to www.loquendo.com


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