PowerMedia XMS enables service providers to enhance web and audio conferencing solutions with video conferencing features

Milpitas, CA – January 16, 2012Dialogic Inc. (NASDAQ: DLGC), a leading provider of communications technologies that power advanced networks, today launched a powerful software-based media server for mobile, broadband and cloud environments.  Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server (PowerMedia XMS) enables service providers to deliver standards-based video conferencing features to create new – and to enhance existing – audio and web conferencing services. The software based media server runs on a wide range of physical and virtual computing platforms and it scales easily to meet variable demand for conferencing and other value added services (VAS).

Software media processing represents a highly efficient approach to delivering VAS as it can reduce deployment and operational costs, giving service providers an opportunity to improve their overall business results by adding IP-based value added services such as conferencing. Standard SIP call and media control protocols can simplify the adoption and integration of PowerMedia XMS into a range of next generation networks.

The introduction of PowerMedia XMS for enhanced conferencing services is well timed. According to Richard Thurston, lead analyst at Ovum Research, “The global audio and web conferencing market is poised to grow to $8.2B in 2015 from $6.2B in 2010, driven by web conferencing on a global scale and audio conferencing in emerging markets.  It is a competitive market that demands efficient infrastructure and flexibility in pricing and deployment models. End users are also seeking greater interaction and collaboration through their conferences, with an emphasis on video in one-to-few, one-to-many, and few-to-few web conferences.”

Elhum Vahdat, executive vice president of APEX Voice Communications – a longtime Dialogic partner – agrees. “We are seeing new opportunities for standards-based video conferencing services that can leverage a wide range of endpoints on mobile and wireline networks, for business and consumer applications. Dialogic PowerMedia Software has enabled us to add video conferencing to our Service Delivery Platform and integrated Application Server. We are now finding the addition of video particularly attractive to global telecom carriers and telecom equipment manufacturers.”

Today’s service providers are seeing increased interest for video calling solutions due to the availability of mobile and wire-line broadband services, PC webcams, smartphones and tablets with front facing cameras and corresponding SIP multimedia client applications.  PowerMedia XMS enables service providers to position themselves to remain competitive and increase revenue by adding video calling and conferencing capabilities to their audio and web-conferencing services, as well as other voice value added services.

Voiceserve (VSRV), a company that develops and implements various types of software that facilitates the deployment of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services globally, recently introduced www.calltopbx.com, a new virtual office phone system service that offers mobile video conferencing based on PowerMedia Software accessed through an open source software interface.  Chris Oglaza, CTO of Voiceserve says, “The SMB market is embracing pay-as-you-go communications-as-a-service models and we are responding with a highly competitive and innovative service that embraces BYOD smartphones and our own standard SIP soft-clients as the preferred voice and video endpoints. We are also using the power and flexibility of cloud computing to deliver this service. Dialogic PowerMedia Software allows us to add standards-based mobile and desktop video conferencing as an easy and affordable service subscription add-on.”

“As the market heats up for mobile and cloud-based interactive video solutions like conferencing, we believe PowerMedia XMS will be an important enabling platform for service providers to rapidly introduce innovative and competitive new services,” said Kevin Gould, vice president and general manager, VAS and Cloud Enabling Business Unit at Dialogic.  “Our peerless field and factory technical services teams stand ready to support our development partners and service providers in the development and delivery of these services on the global stage.”

Key Facts:

  • PowerMedia XMS utilizes standards-based media control interfaces and management capabilities that can be deployed in the cloud, or in traditional service provider environments, including networks with IMS architecture.
  • PowerMedia XMS is equipped with SIP, Media Server Markup Language (MSML) and RESTful programming and control interfaces for multimedia call processing.

More information about PowerMedia XMS can be downloaded here. Dialogic has also made excerpts from an Ovum Research report, entitled “The Audio and Web Conferencing Industry in 2015,” available for download. Additionally, you can visit Dialogic at IT Expo East, booth #507 or Mobile World Congress, booth AV114 for further information.

More at www.dialogic.com

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