AGT Confirms the Deployment of 10,000 FATHOM HD Ports of Capacity for High Definition Video Conferencing Testing & Call Quality Monitoring, With 10,000 ports of capacity deployed globally, FATHOM HD powers service provider networks and runs large video deployments for government and enterprises

Atlanta, GA — February 16, 2012 — Applied Global Technologies (AGT), the leading managed services and UC technology provider for interactive and mobile video conferencing solutions, announces a milestone of 10,000 deployed FATHOM HD ports. AGT has released industry-first features for FATHOM HD that advance testing and monitoring support for large scale UC video deployments. The wide proliferation of HD video conferencing and Telepresence have driven strong demand for advanced IP video testing, network certification and call quality monitoring. FATHOM HD is the only comprehensive IP video testing, certification and live call quality monitoring tool.

AGT's FathomHD

FATHOM HD stands alone as the most advanced HD video testing and monitoring tool in the market. Unlike predictive tools which use synthetic or simulated traffic to calculate video quality using assumptive measurements, FATHOM HD uses real traffic loading to inject video calls on the network to determine actual call quality.

FATHOM HD, deployed as the only independent HD video testing and monitoring tool that connects to an enterprise network, provides accurate video quality measurements without the need for a complex integration or upgrade to your existing video and network infrastructure. FATHOM HD was built from the ground up as a comprehensive testing and monitoring tool, and works with Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize Standard and HD video systems.

AGT’s FATHOM HD is being used as a critical part of IT project plans and workflows for certifying networks, onboarding new systems, and the constant monitoring of call quality. By using real traffic loading during the testing and certification process, FATHOM HD provides the most accurate data available for determining video call quality. Once FATHOM HD validates a high quality video network, the exclusive dashboard offers a real-time awareness of live call quality, ” said Mark Cray, VP, Product Marketing, Applied Global Technologies.



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