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  • Executive Presentation – 1-3 Hours
  • 9 Hour Webseminar Version including 200+ Page Ebook


This course is also approved by Colorado Supreme Court

Board of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education

Area of Law Codes: Communications-INT, Legal Advertising-ETH and Computers-INT

#728255 for 4.0 General and 0.8 Ethics Credits


Note: The Real Estate version of this course is also approved by

State of Colorado DORA Division of Real Estate #3573 for 8 CE credits.

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Social Media: Top-10 Success Strategies

1-3-Hour Executive/Keynote Presentation/Webinar

Social Business College announces the Top-10 Success Strategies for Social Media Marketing.  This presentation is designed for a corporate meeting, association event keynote or webinar (webseminar) or other event. Topics can be customized for vertical markets, however include the following:

1 – Starting Out – Soup, Sizzle or Sinkhole

2 – Solutions – Search-SEO versus Social-SEM

3 – Social Business Models – Industry-Market

4 – Successes – Always Seeking-Searching

5 – Stories – Sales, Support & Sabotage

7 – Soapbox – Followers and Following – Speaking or Just Standing-in

8 – Systems – App-etizer and Optimizer

9 – Security – Compliance & Consideration

10 – Strategies – Market/Business Assessments

Social Media Top-10 is a new introduction to those new to social media, wake-up call to those sitting on the sidelines and ROI focused for those who wonder “where the money” seeking more revenues or seeking lower costs.  It is a companion course with the six-eight hour full-day program which is called Social Media Business Solutions.  To schedule either, please email [email protected] or call 303-594-1694.

Nine (60 minute) sessions onsite/online anywhere in Colorado and other locations or customized for special uses and a 200+ page PDF ebook.


  • Understand the fundamentals of social media, social media marketing, social media business functions and other marketing information and strategies for the professional.
  • Explore different social media functions, features and benefits to a professional.
  • Grasp complex subjects such as computer internet search engine optimization, website key word searching and search engine functions as well as copyright, brand Protection and other IP (intellectual property) concerns.
  • Understand different business customer applications, internet computing and business models.
  • Understand why social media communications and computers is critical to any business implementation and why this step cannot be overlooked.
  • Address the issue of integrated social media strategy in a professional management setting.
  • Understand the functions of the new communications solutions from email, blogs, wikis, group and other communications paradigms and copyright issues.  Review the benefits and risks of social media communications improve business operations both internally and externally.
  • Learn to Assess the Top-10 issues why social media represent change in the business model of even the smallest enterprise.  Discuss and explore new ways to improve fundamental business processes.
  • Review the details of various social media solutions such as email marketing, blogs, video, surveys and others.
  • Explore different social media content strategies – what to say and when to be an effective professional.
  • Grasp complex subjects such as “how to” twitter, blog and producing video content and submissions to maximize key word searching and search engine functions.
  • Understand different “time management” techniques for maximizing productivity for the business professional.
  • Probe the issues behind social media for B2B, B2C, P2P.  Understand when and why different customer strategy is needed for social media marketing.
  • Understand why blogging is very important to demonstrating the breadth and depth of knowledge of the business professional and why it is critical in today’s complex business marketplace.
  • Develop a social media strategy for a business setting.
  • Understand the functions and anatomy of Facebook websites.  See how the benefits of social media communications can be organized to aid in communications with customers.
  • Assess the Top-10 Benefits of Twitter and how daily communications with customers and the world-at-large enhances the reputation of the management professional.
  • Explore how social media is important for regulatory compliance and professional reputation management as well as potential security attacks.
  • Probe the issues behind social media.  Understand when and why business organizations need a social media marketing and compliance plan and legal issues arising from use of social networks at work.
  • Review exciting new social media technologies and how to maximize the benefits to the business professional of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, website design, key work tagging and the vast array of home, pad, mobile and other emerging technologies.



1 – Introduction – What is Social Media Marketing? – 60 minutes  

– Why Marketing, Why Not Just Selling?

– What is Marketing?

– Social Business Models

– B2B-Business-to-Business

– B2C-Business-to-Consumer

– P2P-People-to-People

– Social metrics and ROI-Return on Investment and TCO-Total Cost of Ownership

– SEO/SEM-Search Engine Optimization/Marketing

– PPC-Pay-Per-Click and other Analytics

– Crowdsourcing – right sizing, new business development models

– Four Key Human Communications Paradigms – 1-1, 1-X, X-1, X-X

– Four Key Communications Technology Paradigms – Machine and Artificial Intelligence

– Corporate, Internal & Organizational Social Networks – Communications/Collaboration, Process & Business Intelligence, Individual, Content Management

– Social Media Business Corporate Integration

– Enterprise Content Management – Complex Document Content Management – Departmental Groupware

– Process & Business Intelligence

– Groupware – Communications & Collaboration – Wikis, Blogs

– Organizational Marketing – Internal Social Networks – SharePoint, Yammer, Newsgator, etc.

– Contact Center Integration and Response – “Constant Courtesy”

2 – New Social Media Tools – Acquire, Connect, Engage, and Grow – 60 minutes

– 5 Key Customer Types

– #1 Rule in Customers

– Top-10 Reasons for Social Media Marketing such as:

– Start selling

– Upsell

– Pitch-sell

– Re-sell

– Cross-sell

– Followup selling

– Shorter selling

– Outselling

– Support selling – “constant courtesy”

– Cool selling

– Today’s technology is not tomorrow’s technology

– Ways “pads” support mobile marketing communications

Social Media Technology – new or renewed

– New Social Media Technology – Tablets, Machines, Kiosks, AI

– Social Media Mobile Apps – iPhones/iPads and others

– Age and Social Media – “You are when you were when”

3 – Getting Started in Internet Computing & Communications Media – 60 minutes

– In the beginning – domain names

– Search – Search is NOT Social

– 3 Key Google Search Spaces

– Search Advertising Google Adwords

– Getting to be #1 and, Most Importantly, Staying There

– Search Analytics – Exact or Rocket Science?

– The “New” Google UI-User Interface

4 – Websites & Social Media Experience – 60 minutes

– Why Most Websites Suck – “If your website sucks, they think you do to”

– #1 Rule of Websites

– Social Media Communications Integrated Websites

– Integrated Social Media & Contact Centers

– Top-10 Strategic Customer Assessments

                        1 – Customer

                        2 – Content

                        3 – Media Channels

                        4 – Channels of Distribution

                        5 – Apps

                        6 – Technology

                        7 – Organization

                        8 – Brand

                        9 – Random

                        10 – Vision

5 – Social Media Marketing Defined – 60 Minutes

– Social Media “Word of Mouth”

– Social Media Shortening & Closing Sales – Endorsements to Purchase Cycles

– It’s Free but Your Time is Not Free

– Place – One of the Four Marketing P’s – Place, Now Online

– Timing is Everything – Integrated Communications Calendars

– Benefits of Sharing

– Social Media Marketing – Best Practices

– Goals

– Dis-engaging “Lurkers”

– Creating a Social Media Presence

– Where are Your Customers?

6 & 7 – Social Media Marketing Types – 60 Minutes Each

– Email Marketing –  Functions it fulfills for Social Media

– Email Marketing Metrics – Measuring What You Mail

– Newsletters

– Events & Event Marketing

– Online Surveys

– Investor/Stakeholder/Community Relations

– White Papers

– Webinars

– TradeShows

– Print & Magazine Ads

– Billboards

– Podcasting

– Conference calls

– Press Conferences

– TV advertising

– Press Releases

– Video – YouTube

– Apps

– Twitter

– Linkedin

– Facebook

– Blogs

– Setting up a Blog

– Writing for a Blog

– Marketing a Blog

– Blogs – Why They Fail

– Wikis and Why They Fail

– Your First Words – Content is Everything – Not the Media But the Message

– Focusing Your Presence

– Building Your Presence

8 – Tech-Tips & Technologies – 60 minutes

– URL Shorteners

– Stock Photo-Video-Image Services – Picture is worth a lot of words

– Facebook

– Basic Facebook Page

– Facebook Timeline – Things You Need To Know – Blog Meets Scrapbook

– Facebook for Business

– Contact Center Facebook Integration

– Facebook Advertising and Marketing

– Facebook business case studies

– Creating a Presence on Linkedin

– Linkedin Page Basics

– Linkedin Integration with Email Marketing

– Twitter – What is it and Top-10 Benefits

– Basic Anatomy of Twitter

– Creating a Presence Using Twitter

– Avoid Being a “Twit” on Twitter

– Google+ – Google Circles and 1+

– “Other” Social Media Technologies – so many, so little time.

– Facebook

– Basic Anatomy of Facebook Page

– Facebook Timeline – Things You Need To Know – Blog Meets Scrapbook

– Facebook for Business

– Anatomy of Contact Center Facebook Integration

– Facebook Advertising and Marketing

– Facebook business case studies

– Creating a Presence on Linkedin

– Basic Anatomy of Linkedin Page

– Linkedin Integration with Email Marketing

– Twitter – What is it and Top-10 Benefits

– Basic Anatomy of Twitter

– Creating a Presence Using Twitter

– Avoid Being a “Twit” on Twitter

– Google+ – Google Circles and 1+

– Pose versus Pinterest

– “Other” Social Media Technologies – so many, so little time.

9 – Building Your Social Marketing Network – 60 minutes

– Integrating Twitter with Newsletter (Email), Facebook, Blogs, etc.

– Growing Virally, not Socially

– #1 Rule of Content is …..

– Being the Expert and “Thought Leader”

– Social Media Don’ts

– Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

– Real Life Case Studies – What Really Works?

– Measuring Your Own Success

– Like Exercise Do It Daily

– Let Tools Help Manage

– What To Monitor

– Responding to the Negative

– Social Media Marketing Success

– Social Media Success for SMB – B2B, B2C, P2P

– Ethics in Corporate – Security and Compliance

– Social Media and Litigation – Facebook Court Case

– Ethics in Social Media Security & Cyber/Digital Security

– Ethics in Social Media Compliance – Regulatory and Common Sense Rules – SEC-FINRA, PCI, SOX

– Ethics in Compliance – SEC Rules 17a-3 17a-4 & NASD Rule 3110

– Future Trends, Solutions and Technologies



Tom has successfully taught this class many times with Excellent Evaluations.


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Here is some references for Tom’s experience in teaching webseminars:

These are the evaluation scores from Tom’s Presentation to Microsoft Partners & Staff Called “Top-10 Tips for Success” Part 3 of 3 on Telecommunications Networks




Overall Satisfaction

Business Results

Learning Effectiveness

Job Impact












  • The score is out of 9.0 and that’s the highest score I have ever seen ! Great job Tom – Mike Zeim – Microsoft US Partner Skills Development
  • Wow!!!!!!  I didn’t think beating your survey score last time was possible – and look at those results!  Great job, Tom! Jessasym West – Microsoft US Partner Skills Development

Senior-level Technology Marketing-Communications and Business Development Executive with a proven track record for creating and sustaining growth.
Tom has three decades of experience in startups and consulting advisor with leading providers and venture capital companies in market planning and development, hardware/software design and development, project management, intellectual property in telecommunications, information technology, conferencing, teletraining, telecommuting, groupware, networks, call centers, internet, artificial intelligence and other fields. He has managed the successful development of more than 10 software, hardware and internet products to market and received industry awards for this work. He has authored 13 books including Teleconferencing (TelePresence), Telecommuting, Intelligent Buildings, and Knowledge Engineering – Business Applications for Artificial Intelligence.  He has authored/scripted, produced and directed 15 commercial videos and created more than 3,000 of online e-learning Flash tutorials on telecommunications, internet, routing, wind power, electricity, smart grid, RF-radio frequency SIP-session initiation protocol, RFID-radio frequency identification, VoIP-voice over internet protocol, IPT-internet protocol telephony, VoIP security, artificial intelligence, networking, WiFi-wireless fidelity, TMDA-time division multiple access, CDMA-code division multiple access and hundreds of other technologies.  He has been the Technology Columnist – Telecommunications Magazine, Technology Columnist – Converged Solution Providers Network, Contributor – Phone+ Magazine, Contributing Editor to Web Hosting Magazine, Security and Emerging Technologies Columnist, Member Board of Technical Advisors – VoIP Security Alliance and Technology Columnist for National Association of Telecommunications Dealers, Federation of Internet Solutions Providers of America, Association of Service and Computer Dealer International.  He is the writer, animator and producer of the World’s Largest Animated Knowledge Source on Technology – – recipient of Web Hosting Magazine Editors Choice for Best Technical Help.

Some of the key highlights are:

  • Executive Management – negotiated legal, financial contracts, performed due diligence and guided merger/acquisition negotiations for Bellcore and others.
  • New Business Strategy – conceived and designed new products and new markets in commercial legal, higher education, GIS-Geographic Information Systems and economic development for BellSouth, grew Bellcore multi-media (e-learning, CBT-Computer-Based Training, web-based online and teleconferencing) products from $100,000 to $7 million in three years and others.  Self-funded and grew software company from zero to $700,000 in three years, hired/fired/managed staff of 25 sales, support, engineering and other staff.
  • Business Strategy Consulting – successfully completed many strategy planning projects for TimeWarner.  Wrote and designed virtual office telecommuting strategy for CableLabs and others.
  • Business Case – conceived, wrote, developed financial projects and presented business cases for new products and markets for BellSouth and venture capitalists (under NDA).
  • Competitive Intelligence – researched, analyzed and presented competitive matrix on competitors, channels, customer configuration and customer needs (under NDA).
  • Onsite & E-Learning – instructor-led and e-learning course development on IBM RUP-Rational Unified Process, Rational RequisitePro/Web, Requirements Management-Use Cases, SharePoint Essentials, Wiki/Blogs, SharePoint 101, Function Point Analysis and other Qwest specific courses of business process, project management, software development, leadership and other topics.
  • Technical Writing – research, wrote, edited and published hundreds of complex documents and documentation for telecommunications, building systems, internet security, smart grid, sales, HIPAA, software, wireless, internet and other topics and recipient of “Outstanding Author” from IFMA-International Facility Managers Association.
  • E-Learning – instructor-led and e-learning course development on Microsoft OCS-Office Communications Server 2007 R2, SIP and other courses.
  • Business Development – created and built multi-level channel partner distribution for BellCore, BellSouth, Qwest and others.
  • Regulatory – wrote and presented testimony before PUCs and Congress on communications policy and regulatory issues, working knowledge of FCC, state and local regulatory tariffs, procedures and issues including CATV franchising.
  • Marketing-Communications (marcom) – designed advertising, campaigns, public relations, packaging, pricing and promotional concepts for Carrier Access, Bellcore, BellSouth and others in IP Telephony, Telecommunications and other companies.  Directed staff of five in proposals, website design, website promotions, graphics, public relations, Wall Street investor meetings and investor relations for public company.  Designed, managed, and analyzed PPC, SEO, strategies for internet marketing.
  • Public Relations & Corporate-Investor Presentations – research, wrote, designed graphics and directed long-term public relations press releases, investor and board of director presentations distributed and managed magazine relations.
  • Revenue/Sales Development – designed and delivered technical, sales and channel partner training for Qwest (trained more than 2,000 channel partners throughout the US), TimeWarner (sales and marketing staff), Cox (sales, marketing, support and others), Microsoft and many others.
  • Account Management – cold-called and built strategic/major, OEM, wholesale, channel partner, national and international distributor accounts.  Created software/hardware distribution through TechData, Ingram Micro and European distributors.
  • Sales Training –designed and delivered Consultant and Channel Sales classroom training courses for Deloitte Consulting Internet Academy (US and Europe), ICG, Qwest, Cox, TimeWarner and many others as well as developed and delivered CRM/SFA/ERM Course for Dale Carnegie.
  • Software Development – designed, performed project management, tested and successfully delivered award-winning software to USWest called NETTALK a LAN-Local Area Network multi-user IM-Instant Messaging, CTI-Computer Telephony Integration, email, calendaring, and activity management system. Designed and built many LAN communications software systems for clients ahead of schedule and under budget.
  • Software Management – designed, managed, tested and wrote documentation for many software products including CROSS-CONNECT a remote control and modem sharing system with network management features, CROSS-POINT – an electronic mail, bulletin board, conferencing (groupware) and office administration system.
  • Web Software Development – managed, tested and wrote documentation online e-learning tutorials for Flash and other software formats – achieved Editor’s Choice for Technical Help from Web Hosting Magazine and designed and produced other web sites.
  • Enterprise IT Management – evaluated, configured and implemented international voice/data/IT system for Fortune 500 Company.  In addition, designed and delivered “Internet Academy” hands-on course on cabling, internet, LAN switches and routers for Deloitte Consulting.
  • Hardware/Software Product Development – designed voice/data products for Carrier Access, Storage Technology, United Technologies, Lanier, and other companies.

Speaking, Books and Publications

He has delivered more than 200 speeches worldwide on IT, telecommunications, internet, forecasting, trends and other topics to industry associations, executive retreats and private events.  He has written more than over 300 articles on telecommunications topics including but not limited to teleconferencing, artificial intelligence, telecommunications management, organizational management, intelligent buildings, CENTREX/ISDN, internet security, VoIP, wireless, telecommunications, internet, telecommuting, electronic mail, groupware, and other issues.  He has authored/co-authored Teleconferencing – Linking People Together Electronically (Prentice-Hall), Teleconferencing – State of the Art Report (Pergamon Press), The Softside of Software (John Wiley & Sons) on software documentation, Networking: Electronic Mail Handbook (Scott-Foresman), Intelligent Buildings (Dow Jones), Networking Personal Computers in Organizations (Dow Jones), Telecommuting – The Future Technology of Work (Dow Jones), Knowledge Engineering-Business Applications for Artificial Intelligence (Simon & Shuster), Chief Technology Officer (Cross Market Management), Split Second Society (Cross Communications), Lan$ell-Desktop Guide for the Connectivity Sales Force Automation Professional (written for Novell/Qwest), LANCOM – LAN communications solutions (Cross Communications), Net-Tips (Cross International).  Principal Author and Research for published industry reports on: CENTREX – Strategic View (I and II), Intelligent Buildings and Information Systems (IBIS I and II), and Telecommunications Outlook.

Education and Professional Development

B.S. in Business and M.S. in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado. Tom has senior-level “hands-on” working knowledge of Flash, HTML, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, Camtasia, Captivate, Dreamweaver, TEDS LMS, Learning Composer, SharePoint, Illustrator, Microsoft Lync & Office Communications Server, PhotoShop, Framemaker, and other programs.  He has taught Global Knowledge five-day courses for SIP-Session Initiation Protocol & Office Communications Server (Microsoft Lync). CompTIA Security+, CCNA, VoIP and Checkpoint Security.  Tom holds CompTIA Certified Security+ Professional, Green IT and IT Technology for Sales certification and Pearson Vue Certified Test Administrator.

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