SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwire – Apr 17, 2012) – Cisco Partner Summit — Today at its annual partner conference, Cisco announced the launch of a new, global services partner program designed to accelerate Cisco channel partners’ sales revenue and profit. The Cisco Services Partner Program will provide access to Cisco’s smart services portfolio and compensate partners for the value of services they offer customers.

Services now account for up to 50 percent of the average Cisco channel partners’ business, up from 20 percent five years ago. Cisco expects to accelerate this trend through the Cisco Services Partner Program and the ability to embed Cisco smart services capabilities into partner service offerings.

Cisco Services Partner Program

  • The new program consolidates 47 programs into a single, globally consistent services business relationship.
  • Closely aligned with the Cisco Channel Partner Program, the new services program rewards the quality and value of the partner-to-customer relationship and provides greater rewards for partners’ investment with Cisco.
  • The compensation model is evolving to a discount plus pay-for-performance rebate program to deliver predictable rebates that strengthen partners’ bottom line.
  • Through the initial pilot with 2,500 partners across the U.S. and Canada, results show:
    • Partners experiencing 15% increase in the portion of their bookings eligible for rebates
    • Three fold increase in the number of partners earning rebates compared to the previous programs
  • The new program is expected to be available to all partners in all geographies within the next 12-18 months.
  • Currently, more than 4000 partners are participating across the United States, Canada, Israel and Asia Pacific.

Expanding Smart Services Portfolio

  • With the Cisco’s Service Partner Program, partners will have access to Cisco’s innovative smart-enabled service portfolio, including both Cisco branded and collaborative services.
  • Qualified partners can take advantage of a new collaborative smart service, Partner Support Service, to further differentiate their business.
  • Partners can access Cisco intellectual capital to cost effectively build their own unique offers from smart capabilities that:
    • Provide extensive installed base and contract management
    • Utilize APIs and tools for workflow integration
    • Deliver scalable proactive support for large, complex customer networks
  • Partner Support Service is currently in limited availability and will be aligned to the global rollout of the Cisco Services Partner Program.
  • Cisco smart services help accelerate a partner’s profitability and growth by packaging, automating, and scaling Cisco’s intellectual capital. This provides the partner with greater visibility and actionable insight into a customer’s network environment. Cisco smart services are based on:
    • 25 years of industry experience
    • 50 million devices
    • 6 million live customer interactions annually

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