This report covers fax over the Internet protocol (FoIP) servers, fax boards and software that emulates fax boards.  

Davidson Consulting finds that the growth in the market for FoIP servers is slowing, in part because the vertical market for health care will see its growth diminish in 2014, due to the impact of the Direct Project’s efforts to replace fax and ordinary email with secure, multimedia email.  The diminished growth in the health sector will end up slowing growth in the overall market.  The market for FoIP servers will grow only at 10.9% CAGR, down from the 26.1% growth shown in last year’s forecast, to $360 million in 2016.  The market is slowing just as the iPBX market had slowed before it.  Both markets showed meteoric growth but hit the brakes quickly.

In the market for FoIP servers, the fact that the health vertical has so much outside pressure to move to forms of secure email is what will really hamstring the industry.  It is not a falling out of interest in fax itself.  In fact, Davidson Consulting believes that the current ubiquity of fax in health care will lead to a large amount of fax still used beyond 2014. There is no official mandate against it and the email that the Direct Project (DP) is pushing lacks some key attributes such as being able to receive confirmations of successful transmissions, being able to handle large files and failing to provide audit trails.  Many health organizations will continue with fax, since fax usage does not preclude the sanctioned move to electronic health records (EHR).  Nonetheless, Davidson Consulting does see about one-third of health organizations moving toward DP email.

Open Text is once again the leading FoIP supplier as its revenues rose by about one-third in 2011, in part because it acquired the MESSAGEmanager fax server business.   Open Text’s share grew 33% whereas, Sagemcom, the second-leading player, which saw its revenues grow only $3.2 million from $51 million one year ago, had only a 25.2% share, down from 29.1%.  Biscom is the third-leading vendor with $15.1 million in 2011 revenues which raised its share of the market from 6.2% in 2010 to 7.0% in 2011.

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