New research study validates the cost benefit of using Google Apps/Esnatech Office-LinX over Microsoft Lync

RICHMOND HILL, ON, Canada (PRWEB) April 25, 2012

A new report from Osterman Research, “Taking a Strategic Approach to Unified Communications” details clearly the opportunity for enterprises to lower the cost of unified communications. Enterprises using a multi-vendor solution, such as the combination of Google Apps and Esnatech’s Office-LinX UC solution, instead of a single-vendor solution, such as Microsoft Lync, can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on their overall IT and telephony costs.

“An open, multi-vendor approach allows enterprises to re-use their existing PBXs and other systems, and provides the necessary flexibility to allow organizations to adopt a wide variety of less expensive, on-premise and cloud-based applications,” said Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research. “Open approaches are typically less expensive than single vendor solutions and offer much lower total cost of ownership initially and over the long term.”

“We asked Osterman to conduct this research to get validated, third-party figures on how the costs actually stack up,” said Lee Ho, VP of Marketing for Esnatech. “The research supports our strong belief that a more flexible, best-of-breed approach to communication and collaboration will serve enterprise customers better than a single-vendor solution. The report validates the cost savings possible from using a Google/Esnatech solution over Microsoft.”

The report estimates that a 1,000-user organization can save up to $246 per user, per year, using a combination of Google Apps and Esnatech Office-LinX compared to on-premise offerings from Microsoft.

The report identifies several areas of savings opportunity when using a best-of-breed approach including:

  • Reducing licensing fees, labor and hardware costs
  • Avoiding PBX replacement costs by extending its life until it needs to be replaced, instead of replacing it prematurely
  • Avoiding rip-and-replace costs in mixed environments
  • Reducing power costs, which can total several thousand dollars per year in larger environments
  • Eliminating the need to purchase mobile phones for users because Google Apps/Esnatech are interoperable with any mobile OS

Esnatech will host a special roundtable webinar with guest speakers Michael Osterman from Osterman Research and Jack Weixel, Global Business Development-Enterprise, from Google on Tuesday, May 15th at 10:00 AM Pacific to discuss the value of best-of-breed unified communications. If you would like to attend the roundtable, details can be found on the Esnatech website.

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