Castel Detect v2 Launches at Collections and Recovery Solutions, May 9 – 11, 2012, Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas

BUFFALO, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At the CRS2012 Conference, Castel Communications, LLC, a leading provider of contact management solutions to call centers worldwide, announces general availability of their Castel Detect voice analysis solution, now featuring the immediate detection of specific words and phrases while calls are in progress.

With beta-testing complete at Northstar Location Services’ 500-agent seat facility in Buffalo, NY, Castel Detect monitors and immediately detects when certain words or phrases are stated or not stated as per business requirements. For instance, if the phrase “do not call my house” has been set to be monitored on the customer side of the call, within milliseconds of the phrase being spoken, Castel Detect will post an alert to the monitoring team’s screens informing them of the event. In the case whereby a phrase is to be stated by the agent within a certain period of time, for example a disclosure statement within 30 seconds of call start, Castel Detect can alert the agent and monitoring team if the disclosure was not detected within that set timeframe. Once the disclosure is detected, Castel Detect notifies both the agent and monitoring team.

Beyond the new words and phrases detection feature, Castel Detect monitors and detects emotions and talkover within seconds of spoken word, providing immediate feedback both to agents and monitoring teams while the call is in progress. An interface, located directly on the agent’s desktop, shows the agent the emotion levels associated with their voice and also that of the customer’s voice. Businesses using Castel Detect have reported shorter call handle times, higher customer service levels and higher revenue yields.

Attendees are invited to stop by Booth #22 and learn more about Castel Detect’s capabilities. Catch a sneak preview here.

More at www.castel.com

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