Planning for a Successful TEM Implementation with MDSL

February 7th 2013 – London, New York, Paris, Gothenburg, Tokyo and Hong Kong – MDSL, the leading provider of global Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Technology Lifecycle Management and Market Data Management (MDM) solutions, today announced the launch of its latest white paper, Planning for a Successful TEM Implementation.

To help enterprises ensure the success of their TEM programmes, MDSL has partnered with AOTMP to produce a new guide to TEM implementation. One of the most critical and sometimes underappreciated steps of any TEM installation is the planning phase of the project. The need for good planning may be self-evident; however, in practice it is often difficult to anticipate all the areas in which forethought is essential. The new White Paper lays down guidelines for defining the parameters of the project and ensuring that all the prerequisites for successful execution are in place.

The White Paper not only guides companies through the process but takes a look at why, in some cases, TEM implementations can take significantly longer than expected and how to deal with this situation. It not only outlines a useful planning process checklist but gives facts and figures on the tangible benefits arising from a successful TEM deployment, including: improved business processes; reduced telecom costs; improved financial management and budgetary compliance; and the ability to centralize technical, financial and operational control of the telecom environment.

Ben Mendoza, MDSL CEO and founder, who is keynoting at the AOTMP Conference in Florida later this month, commented: “We are very pleased to be partnering with AOTMP on this White Paper. It gives an excellent overview of how to plan for and what to expect from a successful telecom expense management implementation, as well as providing clear guidance on how to ensure staff realize there is more to TEM than simply cutting costs, and maximize the benefits a good TEM system can bring to all levels of the organization. Businesses will find the set of metrics included in the paper particularly helpful in evaluating the success of their TEM deployment”.

Ben Mendoza will be presenting his strategy for crafting a winning TEM strategy at the AOTMP Conference in Florida later this month, demonstrating to organizations how to plan their route from initial concept idea to full implementation, as well as advising on how to minimize the risks of over-spending or ending up with a system which cannot cater for the additional demands as the business grows. He will also be examining some of the pitfalls, as part of his ‘Best Practice Checklist’ on how to get the TEM journey right first time.

MDSL will also be demonstrating the latest version of its TEM Vision solution at the show. TEM Vision is the highly successful entry level product in the MDSL Smart TEM suite of Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM) solutions and has proved popular since its launch last year with telecom managers on both sides of the Atlantic. The latest version offers a range of new features, including significantly enhanced data manipulation and visual reporting capabilities, all designed to make it quicker and easier for managers everywhere to answer the four basic cost management questions: how much did I spend, where did I spend it, what did I spend it on and who spent it?

MDSL is sponsoring the AOTMP Annual Conference in Florida, 10-14 February, at the Hyatt Regency, Orlando International Airport.

Delegates wishing to register for the AOTMP 2013 Conference can do so at

Copies of the White Paper Planning for a Successful TEM Implementation are available from the MDSL website at

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