Toshiba logoIRVINE, Calif., May 7, 2013 ― Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division (Toshiba —, today announced IPMobility for its Strata® CIX™ family of IP business telephone systems for small to medium-sized businesses. Toshiba’s IPMobility mobile client delivers single-number reach to Apple® iOS and Android™ users, enabling smartphones to act as an extension of the Strata CIX IP business telephone system.

“Now with IPMobility, Strata CIX empowers SMBs and multi-site enterprises with the smartphone features they need to communicate more efficiently, cost effectively and reliably,” said Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager of Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division.  “IPMobility gives Strata CIX users a robust IP mobility telephone solution that is backed by Toshiba’s best-in-class reliability.”

IPMobility Extends Strata CIX to Apple iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Toshiba’s IPMobility client application for Strata CIX delivers single-number reach to Apple and Android smartphone devices for both incoming and outgoing calls.  Single-number reach means users only need to provide their office telephone numbers to receive incoming calls, utilizing the existing Strata CIX follow-me feature.

For outgoing calls, IPMobility dials through the Strata CIX, displaying the office number caller ID and providing least cost routing for long distance and international calls.  The user has the option of dialing directly through the Strata CIX or having the Strata CIX call back the user before making the outbound call in order to avoid mobile network long-distance charges.  IPMobility accesses advanced system calling features including extension dialing, call transfer, and call record, among others.

In addition, IPMobility provides visual voice mail to remotely manage and control Strata CIX Messaging voice mailboxes.  From a mobile phone, users can view, play, reply, and forward their voice and fax messages as well as manage their greetings, name recordings and mailbox passwords.


Toshiba’s IPMobility is available for Toshiba’s Strata CIX and IPedge® IP business telephone systems and is compatible with most Apple and Android platform mobile devices, including Apple iOS versions 5 and 6, Motorola Droid, Sony Xperia™, and Samsung Galaxy, among others.

IPMobility is compatible with all the Strata CIX models:  Strata CIX 40 (4–11 trunks or 8–40 telephones); Strata CIX 100 (up to 112 trunks and telephones); Strata CIX 200 (up to 192 trunks and telephones); Strata CIX 670 (up to 672 trunks and telephones); and Strata CIX 1200 (up to 1,152 trunks and telephones).


IPMobility is available now on the IPedge Application Server series for new Strata CIX systems or can be added to existing systems as an application.

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