Distribution of Handsets to Lifeline Customers

Today COMPTEL filed comments opposing TracFone Wireless Inc.’s petition requesting that the FCC open a rulemaking to amend its rules to prohibit in-person distribution of handsets to prospective Lifeline customers.  Download and read the document from http://tinyurl.com/lkp3oq9

COMPTEL noted that a ban on the distribution of Lifeline wireless handsets by any means other than U.S. mail or overnight delivery service “goes too far, will do nothing to advance the Commission’s goal of ensuring that only eligible applicants receive Lifeline benefits, and is likely to frustrate the ability of many otherwise eligible Lifeline applicants to obtain service.” COMPTEL added that because the Lifeline fund does not pay for handsets, there is a serious question as to whether the FCC even has jurisdiction to adopt a rule regulating how handsets may be provided to customers.


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